Irrefutable evidence that Utah has the most epic night skies in the US

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Picture Utah. What comes to mind is probably the impressive geological formations in the national parks and their other-worldly landscapes shaped by wind and water. While Utah has many other surprises — alpine peaks, lakes and rivers, dense forests — a sometimes overlooked facet of this place is its intensely dark skies. Dark skies and clear nights can only mean one thing: stars. And lots of ’em. Check out these 13 epic star photos and be reminded of how small we all really are (and maybe also be reminded that apparently we all need to go camping in Utah this summer).

1. The whole universe over The Arches

2. The River Zion

3. The Wave in a vortex, Coyote Buttes

4. A lone tree outside Bristlecone

5. Milky Way with trails over Dead Horse Point National Park

6. Self portrait on the Salt Flats

7. Stars over Thor’s Hammer, Bryce Canyon National Park

8. The road to Monument Valley

9. Filling the void on the Colorado Plateau

10. Inside the arches

11. Alpine silhouettes near the High Unitas Wilderness Area

12. Butch Cassidy’s Cabin with Zion National Park behind

13. The Temple of the Moon, Capitol Hill National Park



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