Portugal’s surf culture: the Algarve

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As a surfing enthusiast, I know that Australia, Hawaii, California, Indonesia, and South Africa have some of the best waves in the world. But as an European on a tight budget who loves the ocean, I need to be creative while searching for good waves on my own continent. I surfed in Peniche and Costa da Caparica last summer, and while I don’t consider myself to be a surfing expert, I can say Portugal delivers.

The Algarve has more than 20 listed surf beaches, which offer waves for any level, and also present good enough conditions in spring, summer, and autumn. The largest waves arrive in wintertime, but are better left for the experts.

Isn’t that enough to consider the south of Portugal a surfing paradise? Here’s what pro surfer Marlon Lipke has to say about it:

“It’s still one of the few places that you can surf really good waves and be alone. It doesn’t have, like, perfect days many times, but when you have them, you have them alone. And that’s the most amazing thing.”

For me, that’s enough.

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